Writing Retreats, One-on-one Editing & Corporate Workshops

WRITING Retreats

Jessica hosts intimate writing retreats at five-star inns across the country. There are readings, prompts, one-on-one discussions as well as daily yoga + meditation, and chefs' dinners.

Everyone is welcome. Groups of six women are curated according to experience and expectations. Sometimes, the group workshops finished novel chapters. Sometimes, a mere glimmer of an idea: something that has always been on the mind or the tip of the tongue but needs a good nudge and group to get it out and on the page. 

We meet you at you. The goal is to leave grounded and inspired, both. 

 Retreats are sold out until January 2019



Whether you're working with an anecdote or a feeling, an outline or a couple of chapters, a messy manuscript or a polished novel that can’t seem to find a home, Jessica can help—and provide tailored advice on everything from inspiration to craft to the publishing process. Choose from different processes including brainstorming to kickstart the process, one-on-one guidance over time, detailed manuscript reading and appraisal, or any combination.   



In the hustle and spin of daily work life, it is easy to lose a sense of self and purpose and peace. Whether you’re in finance or public relations, politics or education, arts or science, reawakening your strongest, most innovative and creative self—and tapping into your inner gifts in order to align them with your work—will make you more embodied, empowered and effective.

Through a series of prompts and guided writing in short and impactful group sessions, you will pause and reflect, rebulld and rediscover. Exploring the role of creativity in commerce unlocks you to your best self wherever you are and in whatever you do.