Weekly Writing Prompt Subscription


Writing doesn’t change Disorder; It holds it.

Every week, I will send you a short writing prompt via email. It may be just text. It may involve aural or visual cues. Some days, you’ll be done after two minutes (and that’s just perfect). Some days, you’ll want to spend the day.

Always always, sitting with yourself and your words offers you a unique opportunity for clarity and creativity and joy, to turn inward, make time and space, remember, rediscover your rhythm and voice, and to take care of yourself in a safe, simple, significant way.

And the nice thing? Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect, or fussy, or important. You don’t have to set the world on fire with your thoughts. These prompts are for you. Writing, the act of just writing, is the point.

Here’s how it works exactly:

  1. You subscribe to the weekly writing prompt: $5 per week. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Girls Write Now.

  2. Every Wednesday morning, you receive a new prompt to your inbox.

  3. You respond via email, or send me a photo of your handwritten response. Or you keep it for just yourself. Whatever feels best.

  4. If you do send: I will read it, always.

  5. Sometimes, I will respond.

Weekly Writing Prompt Subscription
5.00 every week