Writing Through the Lens of Food

Let's slow down for a moment. Let's go to a beautiful place. Let's do yoga. Let's be well-fed. Let's get pastry flour all over our fronts.  Let's pause and reflect and reminisce and let's do it through the lens of food because food memories run so deep. 


  • Hosted at 5-star inns in different parts of the country.
  • We want to have fun, relax, and enjoy the company of our old friends and new ones... while writing... and eating! 
  • Part cooking and writing, part adventure to wineries, restaurants, farms, and more. 
  • Each event is highly curated. 
  • You happiness is first.
We are currently curating the first retreat.
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And let's write. We could call it food writing, but let's not because it isn't that. Instead, let's learn how to put memories to paper so that we can keep our memories alive and closer.

Think of your grandmother's rugelach, the first thing you fed the person you love. Think of fried eggs or lobsters or steamed vegetable dumplings. What do they mean to you? 

Let's write about that. 

Groups will be small and intimate. I will curate every one. Good vibes only. You bring pen and paper. Maybe pants with an elastic waist. 

The rest is gravy. 

Or maybe there's a better way to say it. Let's find out. 

You don't have to know what you're doing. You don't have to have written before or have aspirations of writing in the future. You don't have to be a chef or have aspirations of working in a kitchen.

Or you can. It doesn't matter. 

Either way, we'll start from scratch and follow the recipe when we feel like it: sometimes and sometimes, not. 


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